Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing

Shamans have been present in all cultures for the past 50,000 years. They are individuals born to be Medicine women/men (powerful healers) who have contact with, and are influenced by, the spirit world. They work with ancient practices, beliefs, traditions and ceremonies to
help individuals resolve emotional, physical or spiritual disharmony.

As a shamanic practitioner I work with practices and ceremonies that are ancient and sacred. I combine them with the needs of individuals living in the 21st century who are often looking to find a meaning or resolution to what is happening in their lives. It is an opportunity to enable clients to feel fully integrated and whole maybe for the first time in their life.

The healing I undertake is intuitive, spiritual and very powerful. You may find that following a session you experience a form of detoxification which can last several days. You might find you experience a range of emotions that you haven't felt for a while or you may have more vivid dreams. This is perfectly normal when deep healing is taking place. It can be several weeks or even months before you realise that both subtle and conscious changes are happening to you emotionally, physically or spiritually. 

During our work together I will use a range of different methods to address the issues you present. Much of the work I do is based on healing the 'inner child'. The child that you were that was hurt, traumatised, abused or lost and that in some way still sits in you calling out to be heard and held. If abuse has occurred there may be symptoms of post traumatic stress still resonating for you. Together we work to find a healthy resolution to the issues you bring.


It may be that we look at ways you can perform your own ritual to something or someone you have lost, maybe even to part of you that was lost. Rituals sound somewhat scary to many people but in society we have many 'formalised' rituals e.g. weddings, civil ceremonies, funerals, hen & stag parties, birthday celebrations, the list is endless.

Sometimes though we need to develop our own unique ritual for something important and special to us. For example it may be to celebrate the birth of a child, the rite of passage into the menopause or the loss of a child through death, miscarriage or termination or maybe the loss of a parent or sibling. Whatever the issue we can create and design a bespoke ritual for the situation.

I also work with the role your ancestors played in who you are today and I will often work with the ancestral energy of your family. This is a very powerful piece of work which can often help connect 'hidden' family issues to allow a healing to take place on a range of different levels. Having trained as a family constellations therapist I integrate this with my shamanic work to bring forward profound healing.

Ancestral work is a key part of shamanic healing and one which often gets overlooked as 'not important'. Without our ancestors we would not be here today and it is the family patterns, trauma and secrets that run though from one generation to another that impact so greatly on us in our own lives today.

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