Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression

Some people come for past life regression out of curiosity, others use it to resolves issues in their current life. Either way, a past life session is a fascinating exploration of your past and those who are simply curious often find the experience therapeutic and pertinent to their issues today.

The process is quite safe and you are always in control and aware. After a talk to discuss what you want to get out of the experience you will be invited to relax and turn your mind inward away from the external world.

To get the most from a session it is best to have a completely open mind. We can question things later. After the regression we will have an in depth discussion to help you get the best out of your experience.

Past Life regression can help with spiritual, psychological and physical issues.

There have been some remarkable resolutions of difficulties using this form of therapy. What is interesting is that you don't have to believe in past lives for it to work.