Constellations Therapy

Constellations & Trauma Therapy

In the natural order of things, love flows freely from one generation to the next - from grandparents to parents to children. However, life's events, especially trauma, often cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves and the world.


Each generation has been touched by events such as wars, the early death of parents or children, suicide, family secrets or political events that impact on the lives of many. When faced with tragedy and or trauma we employ a range of coping strategies to help us survive and to protect ourselves from feeling the pain of the situation. When these events impact upon us we begin to feel separated from our true self and a range of feelings including loneliness, anger, even depression can follow. 

In addition to this, when we are born to parents who have suffered trauma, either on a conscious or subconscious level we can take on their feelings  ("symbiotic entanglement") with the hope that if we carry our mother or fathers' suffering they may love us more completely in a way that will nourish us. However, this leaves us unable to be the person we should be.

Through Family Constellation, Trans-Generational, Trauma and Shamanic Healing work we can begin to regain a sense of ourselves whilst healing the generations who have gone and those to come. It allows us to have healthier family line which flows more naturally from one generation to the next. It is a profound process which frees us from being entangled in the fate of others.

So often, the feelings that cause us problems are not even our own; we have simply made them our own and have such identification with them that we believe that they originate from us.

Through disentangling ourselves from the fate of our ancestors and present family, we allow ourselves to become more autonomous. Free of old destructive patterns we can start the process of healing the hurt experienced because of old family wounds and traumas.

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